God uses ordinary people who trust in Him to accomplish extrordinary things. And He did just that when He inspired in an ordinary, semi-retired, and now unemployed man the vision and the passion to help the homeless that live just a few miles from his house. In short, Richard (Rico) Bell got a word from God. And that word has proven to be contagious.

When God calls, he provides, and God has provided businesses and individuals that have come forward to help provide food, Bibles, clothing, facilities, and skills to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless and less fortunate. Typically, donations are made in the form of time, food, clothing, Bibles, toys, equipment and/or facility use, toiletries, tents, blankets, winter coats, sleeping bags, firewood, sugar-free chewing gum, flashlights/batteries, or financial contributions.

Prayer First and foremost, we invite you to join us in prayer. Specifically, pray that we would reach those that God would have us reach and to be able to show them His life changing love through our words and actions.

Time We meet each Monday night at a local laundromat to wash the clothes of the homeless. We provide them with a good meal and a caring and inviting atmosphere. We also do other outreach programs throughout the year. Your time is never wasted when you are showing God’s love, grace and forgiveness to others.

Materially There is always a need for food, clothing, firewood, toiletries and basic life necessities, no matter the season. In winter, things like firewood, hand warmers, blankets, cots and sleeping bags are always welcome. In summer, bottled water, bug spray, and sunscreen are needed.

Professionally As our ministry grows, we are in need of professionals to come along side us and assist in a number of ways including job placement assistance and training, legal, accounting, and physical wellbeing assistance.

Real Estate We are currently looking for a facility in the Gainesville area. This would be used to hold Bible studies, provide storage for donated ministry items, and hopefully have a kitchen/cafeteria to serve meals.

Financially Feed the Need Ministry is a 501-C3 Non Profit Corporation ID#36-4688352.  Donations are tax deductible.  Financial donations can be made at Lanier Credit Union, located at 3718 Mundy Mill Road, Oakwood GA, Telephone 770-503-1765, or at 117 Jesse Jewel Pkwy, Gainesville, GA, Telephone 770-297-5401, or mailed to Feed the Need Ministry, 4748 Melbourne Trail, Flowery Branch, GA 30507.

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Prayer from a righteous believer is one of the most powerful tools the Christian community has.   We need people to pray on a regular basis that God would use our ministry as He sees fit.  Specifically, that we would reach those that God would have us reach and to be able to show them …

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If you or your company would like to help sponsor an event or ongoing activity by donating either material items such as food, clothing, toiletries, services, space, etc., or through financial support, then please let us know through the form below. As a sponsor we can display your company name and logo and link to …

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We are looking for employers who are willing to hire people who may have a felony conviction and/or a history of substance abuse in their past, but have reformed and are willing to work hard.  If you and your company are willing to interview and hire such an individual, then please let us know by …