Our People

Volunteers who serve the homeless in Gainesville with their time, talents and resources through Feed the Need Ministry. The people listed here represent the following churches: Belmont Baptist, Blackshear Place Baptist, Concord Baptist Clermont, First Baptist Gainesville.

Board of Directors

Rev. Dave Channell
Mr. Ken Grogan
Mr. Randall Heard
Ms. Sherry Lawson
Mr. Joel Murphy
Ms. Debra Teakell
Mr. Terry Teakell


President and Founder:  Mr. Richard (Rico) J. Bell
Treasurer:                          Mr. Ken Hudgins
Secretary:                          Ms. Sherry Lawson

Volunteer Staff

Meal Preparation and Delivery

Mr. Kim Anderson
Mr. Richard (Rico) Bell
Ms. Sherry Evans
Matthew and Kendall Gruhn
Chip and Sherry Huff
Vicky and Matt Kennedy
Ms. Sherry Lawson
And other volunteers


Mr. Joel Murphy – Coordinator
Mr. Coy Ward

Counseling and Spiritual Development

Rev. Dave Channell
Mr. Richard (Rico) Bell
Mr. Joel Murphy
And other volunteers

Job Placement and Training

Ms. Sherry Lawson


Mr. Paul Franklin   – Web site
Ms. Debra Teakell – Administrative Secretary