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One of the primary material functions Feed the Need Ministry provides are good square meals for the homeless on Monday evenings at the Town View Coin Laundry in downtown Gainesville and at “the bridge” and at My Sister’s Place on Thursday evenings. For Monday night meals a number of volunteers coordinate with each other on …

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Coy Ward Donating Time and Quarters


Every Monday at 7:00pm Joel Murphy leads the laundry arm of FTNM at the Town View Coin Laundry in downtown Gainesville. He is usually joined by Coy Ward, and together they put around $75 to $85 in quarters in the washers and dryers for homeless who need their laundry washed. A majority of the quarters …

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Under the Bridge - Courtesy

Life Necessities

In addition to providing food and laundry services, Feed the Need Ministry endeavors to meet other physical needs of the homeless. Distributing personal items such as clothing, toiletries, sleeping bags, tents and other items needed for basic survival. Depending on the season, there will an increased need for certain items: bug repellent and sun screen …

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Job Training and Placement

Sherry Lawson wears several hats at FTNM and one of her passions is finding jobs for people who are willing and able to work. Sherry has many years of professional experience filling both temporary and permanent positions and is now volunteering that talent. Sherry also has a passion for job training for the homeless who …

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